Frequently Asked Questions

How do I obtain access to GradStar?

Ask your school or department's GradStar Access Request Coordinator (ARC) to submit an access request form for you. The GradStar Access Form can be found ConnectCarolina and Related Applications Access Request Tool *Student Administration*. You need to have access to ConnectCarolina before you can granted access to GradStar. For more information on access to ConnectCarolina see

How do I receive training for GradStar?

When you are granted access to GradStar, you are added to the GradStar email listserv. Through these emails, you'll be notified about deadlines, dates, training opportunities, and award entry reminders.

How do I submit a help ticket for a GradStar issue I'm having?

  1. Go to, click Help Request, and log in with your Onyen and password.
  2. Click the Help Request link.
  3. Click Log In
  4. Click New Request
  5. From the options in the list box, choose ConnectCarolina.
  6. Under Type of Help Needed, in the first list box, choose ConnectCarolina Student Administration.
  7. In the second list box, choose GradStar issues or questions.
  8. Enter problem information, including related PIDs. Attach screen shots if helpful.
  9. Click Submit.

Why doesn’t my student display on the Maintenance page?

Make sure that:

If the student still doesn't display on the Maintenance page, submit a help ticket.

How do I pay tuition if the in-state/remission window is closed for the term?

Send an email to, and ask for the in-state/remission page to be opened for your department. In the email, explain why you are requesting this exception.

How do I pay tuition for a prior term?

If the semester ended more than 120 ago, you can not pay the tuition for that term. You can only provide a non-service award to the student during the current term; however, any amount provided in the current financial aid year will count towards the total amount of aid the student may receive from the University.

How do I determine funding sources for students?

Verify the correct chartfields from your account manager to be used for awards. Determine whether the student meets the eligibility requirements for instate/remission awards from The Graduate School and/or academic department. Determine the remission budget for your department.

What should I consider before I enter awards for a student?

Here are a few things to check prior to awarding a student:

Can I change the chartfield string for an award?

Changing the chartfield string for an award is acceptable, but you should only do so in cases where there is an allowable exception, and the new chartfield string is an appropriate source.

What account codes are used for GradStar Awards?

See GradStar Account Codes.

How can I avoid errors when entering awards?

Check your dates and deadlines carefully. Confirm that your account is in place for the correct term period and that sufficient funding is in place. Run reports to verify term funding to ensure your awards get processed correctly.

What if I need additional remission funds?

Prioritize the students who are to receive tuition remission awards. Ensure you have followed up on outstanding residency decisions, and used all of your current allocation. If you find you still need additional funds, contact The Graduate School. There is no guarantee additional funds will be provided.

What do I do if a student tells me they have a past due balance on their account?

Log into GradStar and check the awards you have entered. Run and review reports to look up the student's current awards or award activity.

Contact the Cashier's Office via email: They can verify inquiries on student account information including past due balances.

What do I do if a student has a hold on their account and cannot register?

  1. Check in Student Center to see the type of hold on the account.
  2. If there is a financial hold, check to see if the student has a past due balance in Student Center.
  3. Log in to GradStar and check the accuracy of awards you have entered.
  4. Ensure you have paid the intended amount for the credit hours the student is enrolled for.
  5. If you need to pay an additional amount of tuition and the in-state/remission page is closed, send an email to to ask for the page to be opened for your department. Otherwise, just pay the additional amount of tuition.

GradStar is displaying the wrong stipend amount or chartfield. What should I do?

Consult your HR or Finance contact to verify the stipend information. If a change was made after the date stipends are loaded to GradStar, the changes won't be displayed. Adjust the chartfield values if the chartfields are not correct.

Why is the stipend from the HR/Payroll system or Accounts Payable not showing up in GradStar?

GradStar picks up stipends from HR/Payroll and Accounts Payable during a set time frame at the beginning of each semester. Check to see if the HR/Payroll ePAR or Accounts Payable voucher has been initiated and approved.

Will GradStar pick up changes to HR/Payroll or Accounts Payable payments?

Because GradStar picks up stipends from HR/Payroll and Accounts Payable during a set time period at the beginning of each semester, changes outside this time period are not reflected in GradStar.

What is “Census Date” and how does it affect GradStar information?

Census Date is the last day for a student to add or drop a course for tuition and fee credit. If a student adds or drops a class after the Census Date, and you have paid tuition for this student, you need to check your GradStar award to ensure the credit hours you intended to pay for are correct. You can adjust the credit hours in the Est Billing Units section on the Maintenance page to match the student’s billing units.

When are GradStar awards posted to student accounts?

When are charges posted to the chartfields?

GradStar utilizes Customer Billing Management (CBM) for journal creation. This process allows any chartfield strings with errors to use a default chartfield string to process the journal. Once the journal is valid and posted, you will be able to see the charges in Bill Presentation and review the CFS Changed column for any transactions that utilized the default. The cell in the CFS Changed column will also contain the error.

How do I translate a term if it is not written out?

For example:

Fall 2014 = 2149

Spring 2015 = 2152

What should I do after I enter awards in GradStar?